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Prusa i3 Kit

4.14 out of 5
(14 customer reviews)
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Quick Overview

Complete Prusa i3 kit with free worldwide shipping. We don’t think 3D printer deals can get any better.

Current lead time: 1 week





Product Description

The Prusa i3 is a RepRap model designed by Josef Prusa. Compared to its predecessors and other RepRap machines, Prusa i3 is known for its extreme ease of assembling, reliable printing, and dual extruder option. This kit uses laser-cut acrylic sheets to improve stability. In our experience, the Prusa i3 can be assembled within 3 hours, making it ideal for first-time RepRappers.

Just to make the deal sweeter, at $499, our Prusa i3 ships worldwide for free! We ship through DHL express to North America and Europe, with Hong Kong Post to Asia and Oceania.

This Prusa i3 kit includes everything for you to build the Prusa i3 except for local power-cable (“kettle”-type plug as used with computers) .


Prusa i3 Build Documents

Click this for Prusa i3′s build document by 3D Printer Czar

Click this for Prusa i3′s STL files

Click this for Prusa i3′s RAMPS

Click this for Prusa i3′s Firmware

Click this for Prusa i3′s Video Tutorial

Prusa i3 Technical Details

  • 8″x8″x7.25″ (20cm x 20cm x 18cm) Build Envelope
  • RAMPS 1.4 Electronics
  • 6mm Acrylic Sheets as Side Support
  • 0.4mm J-head MK IV Hotend
  • 50 micron Layer Height Aachievable
  • MK2A Heated Build Platform
  • GT2 Pulley’s and Belts
  • 12V 15A Power Supply
  • Greg Frost’s Greg’s Extruder

Included in the Prusa i3 Package

Prusa i3 Electronics


Prusa i3 Linear Motion



Prusa i3 Tool Kit

  • 2m Tape Measure
  • Allen Wrench Set
  • 14mm Wrench
  • Circular File
  • Needle-nose Pliers




Q & A for Czar’s Prusa i3

    Q: What other parts do I need to buy to get the Prusa i3 functioning?

A: This kit includes everything needed except for the power cord. This is the cable you use for everyday electronics from computer monitors to microwave. We do not include the power cord because we ship worldwide and different regions have different types of plugs. Also, to improve ABS print quality, a roll of Kapton tape is also recommended.

    Q: Safe is your packaging for this Prusa i3?

A: We use customized EPE foam and 5mm thick cardboard boxes to protect your printer. This is why we dare to include the 3mm borosilicate glass in our kit, and never had a problem with it.

    Q: How fast is your shipping for this Prusa i3?

A: Shipping to Europe and North America are done through DHL express free of charge (yes, it’s true!). Our customers receive the Prusa i3 typically within 4 days after shipping. We are working with DHL to help extend this service to the rest of the world, but right now we use Hong Kong Post to deliver Prusa i3 to Oceania, Asia, and South America (free of charge, of course!). The shipping is also speedy and fast, usually delivered within a week in Asia and two weeks in Oceania. One can also choose the SpeedPost service from Hong Kong Post if he/she wishes to get the Prusa i3 faster. We are very proud of our service and below are some snapshots of our past shipping.

    Q: What if some parts of my Prusa i3 are broken upon arrival?

A: We carefully inspect all the parts before packaging the Prusa i3 to minimize this from happening, but if that did happen, free replacement at free shipping, no question about it.


Prusa i3′s Shipping Time

DHL Shipping Austria DHL Shipping France DHL Shipping USA DHL Shipping Canada HK Post Shipping Singapore HK Post Shipping New Zealand




Assembled Prusa i3

A left side view of Prusa i3 with Blue printed parts. Wires and gt2 timing belts were not installed yet.

Prusa i3 Left


A right side view of Prusa i3. Holes on the left side panel were laser-cut for mounting RAMPS 1.4 electronics.

Prusa i3 Right


Prusa i3 Printed Parts

Prusa i3 Printed Parts


Print Samples

print 3






Additional Information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 43 x 50 x 38 cm

14 reviews for Prusa i3 Kit

  1. Greg
    2 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The good, the bad, and the ugly:

    The good: It arrived in a timely manner. The printed parts look well made. Although I haven’t gotten to the electronics yet, they appear to be in good condition. It is really nice to finally have the metric tape measure I have always wanted.

    The bad: The rods smell like they were soaked in gasoline which is just wonderful in a small apartment in winter. There are no instructions at all.

    The ugly: The lack of instructions wouldn’t be much of a problem since there are quite a few assembly examples on the web, except that none of the examples I found have the parts in this kit. Several parts appear to be missing. The z-couplers, belt guides, many washers, torpedo level and possibly more are all missing in action. The supplied wrench doesn’t fit any of the nuts.

    I went with this kit because of the 3 $500 kits I found, it was the only one I didn’t see complaints about. That really shouldn’t have been a consideration. I can’t say I feel totally ripped off because there are a lot of valuable (and untested) parts, the problems are just annoyances which I can probably correct without a lot of cost. However, I got the kit precisely because I wanted to avoid shopping around in 10 billion different places for odds and ends.

  2. Will
    4 out of 5


    There were some goods, bads, and uglies associated with this kit (as the above review mentions).

    First, the ugly, NO INSTRUCTIONS! (an update: a detailed hardware build instruction as well as the STLs have been provided. Please see RepRap wiki or the link provided on the Prusa i3′s page) I know that this is being worked on but kits should not be shipped without instructions unless there is a clear understanding by the buyer that this is the case. Even then there would be some things that would have helped mitigate frustration. First, provide some high quality photos of an assembled printer taken from multiple angles! Second, provide some links to the most relevant variants of this particular printer where instructions do exist!

    Next, the bad. As Greg stated in his review there were some missing parts in my kit and the wrench that was provided was one size too small to actually fit anything! In my case at least some of the missing parts might be due to a customs inspection as the printed parts bag was open and parts had spilled from it.

    Finally, the good. This kit really does provide excellent quality parts for what I think is the best variant of all the Prusa printers and at a very reasonable price. I could not find a better price for the Prusa I3 with Ramps (though I did find a comparable price with a Sanguinololu board. I had also priced out the sourcing of parts on my own and the end price would have been pretty close to the cost of this kit. I would also say that the support of my build from Han in Hong Kong was pretty good considering that he is probably pretty stressed out by having to answer questions that documentation would circumvent!

    The bottom line…once documentation is available for this kit buying one is a no brainer. Good quality parts, a great variant of the Prusa I3, and literally everything you need in one nicely packed box (save a region specific power cord and some missing parts which I know the Czar can sort). The kit even comes with the glass for the heated bed which many kits do not. Even without the documentation, and you are prepared for a challenge, I think it is a good deal.

    More on my build of this kit can be found on my blog at

  3. Steve
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Some issues:
    * missing parts (got replacements)
    – z axis links, can be replaced with 1/4″ (1.71ID) clear tubing
    – MANY screws and hardware in general. Hard to find long small screws, and M3 in particular, locally
    * hard to find instructions specific to the details of the kit, but that starts to come together and become more obvious as you progress. Start with your choice of generic i3 instructions and work your way to specific head instructions.

    Firmware must also be chosen, configured, and pushed to the Arduino.

    This is not a plug and play object for consumers, and was nowhere near a 3 hour build time.

  4. Jack
    4 out of 5


    I’ll do a pro and con review since I dont think there’s anything “ugly” about this kit:

    cons: I see a lot of reviewers talking about the missing instructions, but I found the hardware instruction quite thorough on the Prusa i3′s page. I didn’t find an electrical on on the website but since it’s generic RAMPS 1.4, I used one from makerfarm and worked great. I’ve learnt a lot about RAMPS now and am experimenting with some new features like LCD controller and more endstoppers. The motors do not have connectors attached, and I spent like an hour just trying to crimping the pins (connectors and pins provided). This really made my hands numb (20 pins in total) and boring I just hope I dont have to do it again in the future. The acrylic frame looks nice, but the bed bends a bit as the heatbed spring puts pressure on it. I haven’t seen any issues in my print but will loosen the pressure to prevent anything bad from occurring. Maybe 6mm plywood is better?

    Good: No missing parts and extremely well packaged. They used 2cm customized foams to protect the kit and I felt that I could literally drop the box and nothing would break. Very fast shipping to Australia: the box was shipped through DHL and I got it 5 days after it left Hong Kong. If I sourced these from Ebay, the power supply, the frame, the bearings, the heatbed, the glass, etc. I would definitely spend more than $499, let alone the shipping (didn’t pay any import tax). The support from Han is prompt and he is really willing to help.

    In general, I would recommend this kit and it’s a good value for anyone looking for a Prusa i3 in Australia. Though be prepared to get a soldering iron (for heatbed thermistor and extending the fan wires) and crimping tool.

  5. NewPrusaI3Owner
    5 out of 5


    I’m very satisfied with the kit. DHL shipping was extremely fast (next day! from HK to Europe).
    I assembled the printer before a manual for this printer was uploaded on this site. But by using manuals from slightly different printers it was quit easy and fun to assemble. It took me about one day but this was also because this was my first 3d printer. If I would have to assemble one again I think I would be muchhhhhhh faster.
    No part was missing and I did not need the rasp :-). The only things I bought was some cables and 230V plug with cable and a soldering iron.
    To sum up I am very very happy with the kit and also very satisfied with the print quality.

    I managed to destroy one bearing but it was completely my fault:
    I downloaded some marlin firmware branch and did not really modify the configuration a lot which came with it because I thought I will watch and see what is happening and than adjust it. Sadly the speed of the Z axis was way to high and destroyed one bearing. After lowering the speed everything was good. So I can only recommend to check first before trying it out.

    My current setting which works good for me (but may be not for another printer???):
    #define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE {500, 500, 2, 25}

  6. Borkenkäfer
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Fast delivery, good price, friendly contact, Prusa I3 kit ist relative stable though the frame is made out of acryllic sheet.
    Took me 4 weeks installation because software needs to be installed by your selfe. I use Repetier-host and firmware as well as slic3r or Skeinforge for gcode generation. Printer works quite well.

  7. Borkenkäfer
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

  8. MartinJ
    3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I really want to order this kit, but its been five days already and still haven’t got any response for my messages. Maybe its due their recent upgrade of page, but for now thumb down for customers care.

    But for this price, and if the delivery time and free shipping are really as advertised, then it is still the best offer I can found on the internet so far. I will post update when I advance any further.

  9. Danil
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I just wanted to submit a somewhat more recent review of this kit. I ordered my Prusa i3 on Saturday March 15th, and it arrived to New York City on Monday the 24th. Surprisingly fast shipping from China and I had no issues with customs. Over the last few days I have been slowly but surely putting the kit together and I have to say that I am quite impressed.

    Not only are all the positives mentioned above still true for my kit, but Czar seems to have deliberately addressed and corrected all the issues that have recently been brought up by others here and in other forums. First of all, the instructions and firmware are now posted here, which were all super helpful. All the tools fit and I had no missing components. Infact, they threw in alot of extra components such as nuts and bolts, and even an extra thermistor and Pololu board which was a huge surprise. As mentioned previously, the packaging is also quite impressive.

    All in all I have been extremely impressed and happy with the quality of this kit and my experience with it. The only possible room for improvement might be better pictures of the final assembly, more detailed wiring instructions, and a step by step guide of installing the software to connect it to the computer. I was also a bit confused at first about what to do with the included thermistors. All of these issues were eventually solved by searching online though, and in reality that is sort of the point of a kit like this anyway. Troubleshooting issues like these have taught me more about how this thing works, which is why I got a kit in the first place.

    Overall a great product and a great seller. Will definitely recommend it to others and would buy again in a heartbeat!

  10. MasterKam
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Received the printer within 10 -15 days after ordering. Was able to assemble the mechanics with the instruction provided. For electronics assembly I has to go to Reprap wiki and other sources I googled. I am short of the DuPont connector (5 less) and the thermistor does not fit the heat bed hole comfortably. No wires for the end stops and thermistor. Luckily I had a long telephone cable which I cut into pieces and soldered up.
    After assembling everything, download Arduino from the net, marlin, and repetier from the net. Install Arduino and open the configuration.h file in marlin folder. For editing it watch this video.

    After editing it, open the repetier you installed and go to manual configuration tab in the right side and try running it manually. If you get error with temperature in the frame at the bottom, then make sure the extruder heat is on and watch it rise.. Disconnect and reconnect as often as needed and make sure all axes are moving in the direction you want. If not go back to editing configuration editing in Arduino and invert the axes as per the video. Most of my configuration is as in that video. But my z axis motor is just vibrating but not moving the gear. I have to solve that. Would appreciate if someone could share their configuration file. I will after I am done calibrating.

  11. mathias
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I received the printer after a week. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the parts and the price plus free shipping – there is no better value I think.
    I put the printer together quite successfully, but the documentation is incomplete. Luckily there are tons of reprap docs and videos out there, so this is not a problem. To this day I haven’t got around to correctly fix a y-stop to my contraption…
    Also the marlin firmware requires some tweaking. I had to find out the type pf the included thermistors for the hot bed (which is not a good fit, btw).
    I could go on and gripe some more, but the bottom line is this: this is a good kit worth your money and quickly delivered, but you need to put in some thinking and work in the spirit of the reprap community. Don’t expect something quite finished and ready to use.

  12. David D
    4 out of 5


    I will second a lot of what has been said, it is a good kit.
    Documentation gets a little spars toward the end. For example the end-stops are pretty much absent from the docs as to placement. The firmware also needs some help as to setting up some the parameters. ie inverting axis etc. And figuring out a thermistor setting that worked (plus the kit one isn’t very sensitive and I should replace it). Also there are 3 motors of one size and 2 of another, you have to just figure out the two bigger ones go on the z axis (hopefully)

    My endstops are still pretty hacked together but they work and I am up printing plenty of quality parts.

    But in the end I will give it 4 stars, with a more customized firmware and a little better documentation around the end-stops and some of the electronics it would be a 5 star kit.

  13. Claudio Y.
    4 out of 5


    Before I can rate the kit I need to finish building it. However, here are my current impresions:
    -The printer arrived my country (Chile) in two days, which is really fast.
    -Sales support has been very friendly and active.
    -It came with all the parts (except for some bearings, but I already had many of those so it was no problem).
    -Setting the endstops and firmware has been quite hard, but I’ve been following the guide in Cooking Hacks, which is quite in depth and can be used to assemble this printer.
    -I’m still struggling to find the right thermistor configuration. David D, could you please tell me what configuration you used? Many thanks.

  14. bluetooth8093
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I purchased an Prusa i3 kit a few weeks ago, I’m in the process of putting it together. But what I want to tell everyone is about 3DPrinter Czar service.
    On April 4th , I went to czars webpage to check on the Statius of my order, the site was down, all I got was a blank page with the word “pageok”. I checked it again, the next day, got the same thing. So I sent an e-mail to find hot what is going on with the site. With in about an hour Han returned an e-mail explaining the problem and assured me my order was ok and being processed.
    A few days later the site was down again, So I e-mail again. But this time a short time later my phone ring, it was Han, and he said that they think the site is being hacked and said my order is fine and will go out in a few days.
    When I received my order, I received the printer, but not the filament I order, so I e-mailed. Later on in the day, Han, e-mailed me and said he order the filament from UltiMachine so I would get it soon., I should receive it today according to the tracking number.
    Now this is service, you couldn’t ask for any better. I would recommend 3DCzar to anyone. Thank you, Han. For the fine service.
    The only problem I fine with the printer is the directions, not so good, they could be improved.

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